[Javno gostujoče predavanje na 3. stopnji] A subject matter unlike anything else - the controversial negotiation of religion in schools in Europe

12. novembra ob 17h bo v predavalnici 20 potekalo javno gostujoče predavanje prof. Wande Alberts. Predavanje bo v angleškem jeziku. 

Wanda Alberts (Leibniz Universität Hannover) Wanda Alberts is Professor at the Institute for the Study of Religion at Leibniz Universität Hannover. Her research focuses on religion in the public sphere, with a special focus on education.

Summary: The lecture focuses at the special role that religion is given in European educational systems, referring to examples from England, Germany and Norway, with a particular focus on human rights issues. Special arrangements for the subject matter “religion” include both organizational and conceptual issues, often contradicting the otherwise generally secular approach to education in school. It will be argued that popular religious notions of religion that permeate much social discourse about religion inhibit the “normalization” of religion as a subject matter. Thus, a secular approach to religion in school is hard to be found – even for those children who explicitly do not wish to take part in any kind of religious activity in school.

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