[Gostujoče predavanje] Dr. Laurent Hassid - (Re-)Building Walls in the World?

Vabimo vas na gostujoče predavanje dr, Laurenta Hassida z Univerze 13 v Parizu z naslovom (Re-)Building Walls in the World?

Predavanje bo v sredo 24. maja 2017 ob 16.15 v predavalnici FDV 1.

Avtorjev blog: https://beyondborderlines.wordpress.com/

Kratek povzetek v angleščini: Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989, it has become common to regard the world as one without borders, or to speak of the birth of a ‘global village’. Globalization, led by the United States, and the opening of China has seemingly mobilized people, goods and merchandise. But in the last years a growing number of countries erected walls and fences. Why have some countries decided to build a separation with others? Why now? How are these constructions or projects perceived by those involved? The lecture will discuss several current or former examples of separations (Northern Ireland, Germany, Israel/Palestine, Cyprus, the Korean peninsula), to understand the perception of different actors and at different scales. It will be largely illustrated by many pictures and testimonies from the ground collected via lecturer’s numerous fields trips.

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