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Joint European Master in Comparative Local Development (Master CoDe)

The Joint European Master Program in Comparative Local Development is a 2-year Erasmus+ Master Program organized by the consortium of Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), University of Regensburg (Germany) and University of Trento (Italy).

Master CoDe aims at providing participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze, plan, implement, and assess socio-economic processes at local-level in open economies, polities, and societies. Students acquire through the program a sound academic background and the capabilities and skills necessary for operating on the different components of economic and social processes at local level, including devising and implementing policies.

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Dr. Miro Haček
Program Coordinator

Dr. Simona Kukovič
Teacher Tutor

Quick facts

Type: Joint European Master Degree in Comparative Local Development
Duration: 2 years (4 semesters: 3 semesters of mandatory and elective courses plus 1 semester of internship and project work)
ECTS: 120
Language: English
Professional title: M.A.
Deadline for applicants: The study programme is not available for enrollment in study year 2021/2022

Intake: The study programme is not available for enrollment in study year 2021/2022
General requirements for enrolment: 180 ECTS
Tuition fee: 3.000 EUR per semester (waived for students chosen for financing though Erasmus+)*

* In academic year 2017/2019 the tuition fee will may be reduced (to not less than 1.000 EUR per semester). This shall be decided by the CoDe International Academic Committee based on the results of the evaluation of the individual applications.


Candidates have to comply with the following requirements:

  • the degree should correspond to a 180 ECTS* study program (a first level (Bachelor) university degree in Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Law, Engineering or an equivalent qualification, i.e. relevant to local development);
  • satisfactory knowledge of English (the requested level of English knowledge is B2).
* In case of applicants from countries where ECTS is not in place, only the holders of a degree of at least three years, eligible to proceed with master studies in the country of origin, are considered to meet the selection criteria.


Subject Plan

Elective courses

Students are requested to choose elective courses offered by the hosting institution which will provide a list of suitable courses at the beginning of the semester.

At Faculty of Social Sciences University of Ljubljana students can choose elective courses from list or from any master course at the faculty.

General competences

The Master CoDe program offers knowledge and skills for introducing, supporting and coordinating processes of change and transformation at the local level. The focus of the program falls on local development, specifically: considering public, private and non-governmental actors as fundamental agents of change; questions related to social stability and economic prosperity, in conformity with the European standards and best practice. The general approach is comparative and interdisciplinary. The program bridges universities, local authorities, firms and other organizations all over the world with its extended partnership.


The overall job prospects are good for individuals who are considering government careers or careers as political or NGO’s advisers, and analysts, among others. Graduates can find jobs in institutions of local and regional government, public/private partnerships, decentralized administrations of national government, industrial districts, trans-border cooperation projects, policies for enterprises and local development, services to enterprises, research centers, local banks, NGOs active at local level or for the promotion of local development. 

Here you can find experiences of CoDe students generation 2014/2016 that were in Ljubljana in second semester.