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The Kapuscinski Development Lecture event: "Soft authoritarianism: marching to a different drum of democracy"

We would like to invite you to the Kapuscinski Development Lecture event. Join us online (or at the University of Lisbon) on Tuesday 11th July 2023 at 19:00 Lisbon / 20:00 CET. 

"Soft authoritarianism: marching to a different drum of democracy"


The global spread of soft authoritarian rule hollows out liberal democratic institutions and principles from within by using electoral majorities and the law that confers formal legitimacy.

How do these new political practices march to a different rhythm of democracy in various societies using very similar instruments which allow soft authoritarian leaders to also keep in step with one another?

Shalini Randeria, social anthropologist and President of Central European University, will address these questions and discuss possible strategies. 

Please note that videos from previous lectures are available here: 

The event is hosted by the Centre for African and Development Studies (CeSA) of the University of Lisbon and EADI.

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