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Joint Master's Programme in European Studies

Programme Coordinator: prof. dr. Bojko Bučar

The Joint Master's Programme in European Studies will qualify students for independent professional and analytical work in the field of European affairs at the national and the European levels.

The programme integrates several disciplines of European Studies: Political Science (in particular International Relations and Comparative Politics), Economics, Law, Social Sciences (in particular with regards to methodological capabilities) and Communication (emphasising the importance of two expert foreign languages) with their application to central issues of European integration (EU) and broader construction of Europe. 

The study program in European Studies  will qualify students for employment opportunities in EU institutions and other (European) international organisations, in the national governments, especially Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Ministries of European Affairs, Ministries for Economic and Social Development; the career opportunities are also at the regional level (of municipalities and cities), in non-governmental organizations, the media, and political parties; expertise in the field of the EU processes and policies and internal market make the graduates employable also in business sector within and outside the EU.

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