Master of Defense Studies

Master in Defense Studies is a study program that educate defense and security experts on advanced level. It encompass the knowledge of international security studies, threats to domestic and international security, especially terrorism as well as cyber threats, different aspects of armed conflicts, geopolitics, civil-military relations and other characteristics of security sector etc. 

In the study year 2020/2021 the program will be implemented as a full-time study in Slovene language and in English language as part-time study (tuition fee).


Student Affairs Office: 

Programme Coordinator:
Dr. Maja Garb

Quick facts

Type: second level Master study programme - Defense studies
Duration: 1 year
ECTS: 60
Language: English (part-time study) and Slovene (full-time study)

Professional title: magister/-ica obramboslovja

Deadline for applicants: 
1st application period:  
9 June, 2020 (for EU and non-EU candidates)

The candidates must fulfill all enrolment criteria and send all required documents for the recognition of foreign education till July 10, 2020.

2nd application period (only for EU candidates):
from 20 August till 11 September 2020 (only for programmes with free places after 1st application period).

The candidates must fulfill all enrolment criteria and send all required documents for the recognition of foreign education till September 18, 2020.

Intake: Until 30 September 2020
General requirements for enrolment: 240 ECTS
Tuition fee: 4.000 € part-time study

How to apply for master's programme


Foreign citizens who have completed undergraduate study programme abroad may enrol in the first year of the Bologna Master’s study programme if they complete the procedure of recognition of foreign undergraduate education.


First year

Elective courses

Analysis of Contemporary Conflicts
Terrorism and System Countermeasures
Security Sector and Society

Faculty Professors

dr. Maja Garb, dr. Anton Grizold, dr. Ljubica Jelušič, dr. Marjan Malešič, dr. Vladimir Prebilič, dr. Iztok Prezelj.

General competences

The study enables the students the competencies of expertise and professionalism, analyticity, communicativeness, creativity, teamwork, conflict analysis and resolution, critical analysis.


The defense experts find work and employment in the military, defense and security organizations as well as other governmental institutions and agencies, international security organizations and European Union, non-governmental organizations that deal with humanitarian and developmental issues, media, institutions of critical infrastructure, research institutions etc.

Chair of Defence Studies

By researching and teaching security, defence, military and peace issues, Chair contributes to the development of general security culture in the society.