International Joint Master Degree Program PoSIG (Political Science – Integration and Governance)

International joint master degree program PoSIG (Political Science – Integration and Governance) is joint program of nine European universities, among them also University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and its member, Faculty of Social Sciences. The PoSIG program is quite different from the joint master programs that we have known so far, since it is much more open and allows a much higher degree of flexibility and choice of study, but it is, of course, basically an payable study, where the consortium seeks to obtain an additional EU resources (Erasmus master JD, Erasmus mobility, etc.) in order to help student finance their study and also other expenses. The program is based on six political science core modules (International Relations, European Studies, Public Administration, Political Theory, Comparative Policies, Methodology). University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences is a co-holder of four modules (Public Administration, Comparative Policies, Methodology, Political Theory) and participates in the European Studies module with optional content. The program is annually announced by the University of Ljubljana and the University of Salzburg, Austria.

The study lasts for two years and brings 120 ECTS points, while students take it on two, three or four participating universities of the consortium (University of Salzburg, University of Ljubljana, Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje (FYR Macedonia), European University Tirana, University of Tirana (both Albania ), FAMA College, University of Business and Technology, Pristina (both Kosovo), Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, University of Sarajevo (both Bosnia Herzegovina)). Students who successfully complete their studies, obtain a joint degree accredited in all consortium countries.


Prof. Miro Haček, PhD

More information about the study program is available at the webpage.

Quick facts

Type: Joint European Degree Master Program Political Science – Integration and Governance  (PoSIG)
Duration: 2 years
ECTS: 120 points
Language: English
Professional title: M.A.
Deadline for applicants: please consult
Intake: please consult
General requirement for enrolment: 180 ECTS
Tuition fee: depends on the choices of host universities, more information at
(for UL-FSS 1.250 EUR per semester)



Candidates must fulfil following criteria for enrolment:

  • Candidates must complete the first Bologna cycle study program in the field of political science or related social sciences with at least 180 ECTS acquired;
  • Candidates that completed the study program of the first Bologna cycle and collected less than 15 credits from the methodological and research subject contents, must compensate this with the relevant subjects from the field;
  • Candidates that completed any other Bologna program other than those mentioned, must complete additional duties in the range of 30 ECTS before defending the master's degree; additional responsibilities will be determined by the Coordinators' Board.

For more information, please consult:


Subject Plan

Elective courses

General competences

The Joint Master program Political Science – Integration and Governance (PoSIG) is based on international standards and criteria for teaching political science in line with the level 7 of the European Qualifications Framework and in line with the second qualification cycle of QF-EHEA.


Studying the PoSIG program enables students to acquire a wide circle of knowledge and experiences, which gives graduates greater opportunities for employment.