How to apply

Dear prospective applicant. Thank your interest in studying at the Faculty of Social Sciences. To apply for a doctoral programme with us, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Find study field

Step 2: Observe the deadlines

May 31, 2019 - for non-EU candidates

August, 23, 2019 - for EU candidates

September 27, 2019 - Final date for enrolment

Step 3: Check requirements for enrolment

See details for the entry requirements. Your previous study will be assessed in the procedure for recognition of foreign higher education credentials or diplomas.

Step 4: Note tuition costs and scholarships

Admission fee for academic year is 29 EUR.

Tuition fee for 1st year is 3.400 EUR.

The selected students sign a learning agreement and pay the first-year tuition fee. Students pay the tuition for the second and third year when they advance to the next year.

Tuition fee must be paid in upon enrolment at the faculty. The tuition fee does not include the mandatory health insurance. This must be settled before the start of study.

Please note: The confirmation on registration willl be issued upon the payment of tuition fee. Unfortunately, the Faculty of Social Sciences does not offer scholarships or any other grants or loans.



Step 5: Submit your enrolment application and application for education recognition

Recognition of foreign education

A candidate who has finished his or her studies in a foreign country (not Slovenia) and would like to continue education in the Slovenian higher education institution is obliged to acquire a decision on the recognition of the foreign education. 

The recognition procedure is a part of the enrolment procedure. The candidate submits the recognition application together with the study enrolment application (online on the eVŠ portal).

The required documents in the process of recognition of foreign education:

1. original of the certificate or diploma, which must be legalized (with the Apostille stamp)*,

2. photocopy of the certificate or diploma,

3. certified Slovene or English translation of the certificate or diploma,

4. evidence on the contents and duration of education and the requirements fulfilled during the educational programme: diploma supplement, transcripts of records or annual report cards (in English or official translation in English or Slovene language),

5. short chronological description of the entire education (prepared by the applicant).

*The original of the certificate or diploma must be legalized with the Apostille stamp by the authority in the country of its origin (find the competent authority in a country where a diploma was issued:

If the country is not on the list, the original diploma / certificate must must be legalised on the basis of local law in your country first, the last stamp from your country is usually from Ministry of Foreign Affairs; after that you need to legalise the certificate at one of the Embassies of the Republic of Slovenia, which is accredited for your country or at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia.

You do not need to legalize your diploma (however you still need to submit the original document) if you have finished your previous education in the following countries (due to bilateral agreements between countries): Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, France, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia.

PLEASE NOTE: The procedure of recognition begins when the application is complete. The recognition decision is issued within 20 days after the date of completed application.

Enrolment application

Instructions for completing the application

Complete enrolment application

Applications must include the following:

  • Signed copy of the enrollment form
  • Short CV with bibliography
  • Outline of Ph.D. thesis (of max 1000 words) with main bibliography
  • Document required for the recognition of education (see list above)
  • Consent of mentor (list-of-potential-mentors)

Outline of Ph.D thesis should include:

  • title;
  • comprehensive literature review as a basis for the scientific relevance of the proposed research;
  • the research question(s) derived from the review of literature or/and thesis/ hypothesis;
  • description of the research methodology, research methods and structure of the thesis;
  • argumentation of the original contribution of the thesis to the selected scientific field;
  • list of sources.

The required documents (hard copy) should be send till deadline to:


Student affairs office ''Enrolment application''

Kardeljeva ploščad 5

SI -1000 Ljubljana


IMPORTANT! We strongly encourage you to start working on fulfilling all the formal requirements as soon as possible to avoid any procedural or other difficulties along the way. The Faculty of Social Sciences shall bear no responsibility with any procedures outside those directly related with studies at the University. For example, fulfilling of any requirements related to internal affairs (e.g. visas) are and will be considered as being entirely and solely the responsibility of the applicant.  

Step 7: Check for pre-departure arrangements

Step 8: Travel to Ljubljana

Step 9: Contact our Student Affairs Office

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