Student meals

During your stay in Ljubljana, you are entitled to get food subvention in most of Ljubljana's restaurants. The additional fee what you need to pay vary, from 0.38€ to 5 € (as well as the quality of food and service offered in restaurants). However, the number of the subsidized meals is limited: you can only have 19 - 22 meals per month (the amount depends on the working days of each month).

The influences of the East and West, North and South have mingled in Slovenia, a phenomenon noticeable in Slovenia's traditional dishes. The city of Ljubljana offers a great variety of cuisine and prices. Most restaurants serve food until 11 p.m., but some do so until early in the morning. There are also numerous specialized national restaurants: Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Spanish. The tip is not included in the price of the meal. In general, eating out in restaurants is not cheap.