Useful information

Currency, Exchange Rates, and Credit Card Services

Slovenbia' currency as of January 2007 is Euro.

Exchange rates (September 2007):
1 EUR   =  1.3736 USD
            =  0.6902 GBP
            =  1.4045 CAD

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Eurocard, VISA, Diners Club and American Express, and other cards are widely accepted in shops, hotels and restaurants.

Student & Youth Card Services

The most useful ones are: the Student ID card of University, International Student Identity Card (ISIC) and other plastic ID – style cards with your photograph, which provides discounts on admission to museums and sights, inexpensive meals in some restaurants and discounts on many forms of transport.

Embassies and Consulates

For the list of embassies and consulates please look at the web-site:
or contact:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Prešernova cesta 25
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 478 20 00
Fax.: + 386 1 478 23 40

Information for foreigners

The Ministry of the Interior set up a web portal with a wide range of information needed by foreigners to be able to live and work in the Republic of Slovenia:

E-mail and Internet Access

The Faculty provides staff and students with access to computers and the Internet, including usernames and passwords for use of e-mail services. In the computer classrooms students have access to different programs and equipment, including for personal use. The following are available for use: more than 120 PCs with Internet access; 20 computers for terminal work; 32 computers in the Library; and a wide range of general and specialized analytical programs on all systems.

The Eduroam service provides its users with secure and simple access to the (wireless) network of their own organization and hosting in networks of other institutions included in the Eduroam network. A user from other European or domestic universities can thereby access the protected Eduroam network in Ljubljana (or any other Eduroam network abroad) transparently and free of charge with the same username and password as is used to access their “home” Eduroam network.

The network is designed to assure the institution and its hosted users the maximum amount of security since all eavesdropping and presentations of a false identity are prevented. Based on its policies an institution can also allow its users access to other network sources (common applications, databases) through the same system of authentication. In this way the administration of access to the network and applications is reduced and the mobility of users is increased, something which is becoming a main requirement in international research and educational circles. The networks are also part of the Eduroam hosting system and that is why Slovenian users can visit foreign educational and research institutions.

The user is assigned access to the network by their home organization (the organization where they study or work). When joining the Eduroam system all organizations commit themselves to providing all their students with user accounts for Eduroam. More info is available at:

Telephone & Postal Services

Calls can be made from private homes or post offices. The rates are the same in all cases.
The alternative is to purchase a Slovenian SIM card (a prepaid phone service) that can be used in suitable mobile telephones (made for the European market) so as to enable very inexpensive local calls and at the same time to be available for incoming calls from abroad. For more information on mobile telephone purchase, visit:

Useful telephone numbers:

Slovenian Country Code           386
Ljubljana City Code                    1
Slovenian Exit Code                 00
Police                                      113
Fire Brigade                             112
Emergency First Aid                 112

In Ljubljana there are around 30 post offices. They are open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., and on Saturdays until 1 p.m.

Ljubljana’s postcode is:            SI-1000

Local Transportation

The most efficient public transport in Ljubljana is the city bus system. City buses have an electronic payment system based on a no-contact smart card called Urbana. Urbana cards are electronic ticket carriers. You have two options:

  • Value ticket: a single fare paid using pre-paid credit on the Urbana card that enables free transfers within 90 minutes.
  • Personalized monthly tickets: valid for an unlimited number of rides on all routes from the 1st day of the month until the 5th day of the following month. No photo necessary. 

For more information, please visit:
phone: +386 (0)1 430-51-74, e-mail:

Rent-a-bike  Bicikelj

Locals and visitors to Ljubljana can now ride around the capital using new bicycles from Bicikelj, a self-service rent-a-bike system. 300 bicycles and 600 parking spots are available all year round at 31 stations in the wider city centre area. Website:


There are many bookstores in Ljubljana, but you can most easily find periodicals and books in foreign languages at:

Cankarjeva založba – Oxford Centre, Kopitarjeva ulica 2, Ljubljana, phone: + 386 1 360 37 89

MK – Knjigarna Konzorcij, Slovenska cesta 29, Ljubljana
Phone: + 386 1 241 06 50


Working hours:

  • Weekdays: 8.a.m. to 7. p.m.  (some to 9 p.m.)
  • Saturdays: 8 a.m. to 1. p.m.   (some to 9 p.m.)
  • Sundays and holidays:  on duty pharmacies, small markets and some private shops


  • Bistra, Dunajska 59 (Linhartov podhod), phone nr. 23 10 922 (9 a.m. – 5 p.m., closed Saturdays and Sundays)
  • Usluga Šiška, Derčeva 31, phone: + 386 1 58 93 303 (6 a.m. – 7 p.m.), Saturdays (8 a.m. – 1 p.m.)

Leisure Activities

A rich and varied selection of sports and cultural activities is available to our students ranging from athletic teams, choirs, photo and film clubs, dance and theatre groups. There are following cultural or information centers in Ljubljana:

Institute Francais Charles Nodier, phone:+386 1 200 05 00
The British Council, phone: +386 1 300 20 30
American Center, US Embassy, phone:+386 1 200 55 00
Das Goethe-Institut, phone: +386 1 300 03 11
Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Slovenia, phone:+386 1 241 56 40,

Entertainment and Culture

Various concerts are held at Cankarjev dom (phone: +386 1 241 71 00), the Philharmonic (phone: +386 1 241 08 00)  and in churches. Besides classical music, there are many pop, rock, electronic and alternative music concerts in halls, clubs, pubs and discos.

Foreign movies in the cinemas  are shown with Slovenian subtitles.

Throughout Ljubljana there are about 15 museums and 25 galleries and collections, and seven major theatres.
A detailed program of daily events is listed in daily newspapers and at
For more information and a free copy of a monthly event schedule in Ljubljana, contact the Tourist Information Center located in the city center at Stritarjeva 7
Phone: + 386 1 306 12 15


The climate in Ljubljana is Central European, but is also subject to the influences of warm air from the Adriatic and cold air from the Alps. The average temperature is around 4°C in the winter and around 22°C in the summer. The daytime temperature in the summer is usually 30°C.

Drinking Wate

The water is safe and drinkable throughout the country.


Current is 220 V, 50 Hz.