Predeparture & Support Info 

First Residence Permit

Since May 1, 2004 any citizen from a European Union member state can enter the Republic of Slovenia with a valid identity card or a valid passport, without a special entrance permit (i.e. a visa or a residential permit) and stay in the country for up to three (3) months over a period of six (6) months, counting from the day of their first entry. In the event that one’s stay will exceed a period of three (3) months, a residential permit (a certificate of registered residence) is required. This can be obtained immediately upon entering Slovenia at the Administration Unit, Department for Internal Affairs, Office for Foreigners (Tobačna ulica 5, 1000 Ljubljana, (01) 306 3261). The residence permit will be issued in line with the conditions set by the European Union. 
In order to issue a residential permit to a citizen from an EU member state for the purpose of studying, the following items must be arranged:

  1. a valid identity card or passport;
  2. evidence of enrolment at an educational institution;
  3. health insurance covering all risks in the host country; and
  4. sufficient means for living (at least equaling the basic minimum monthly income in the Republic of Slovenia). In practice, a written and signed statement as to one’s means is sufficient.

According to the stated directive, a residential permit is granted for the period of one’s studies or at the most for one year and can be extended in the event that the studies last more than a year. 

A student from a non-EU member country must submit an application for the First Residence Permit at the nearest diplomatic or consular representative mission (DCRM) of the Republic of Slovenia.

Along with your application you must enclose:

  1. a certified photocopy of a valid passport (whose expiry date exceeds the intended period of stay in the Republic of Slovenia by at least three months);
  2. two biometric photos;
  3. fingerprints (the applicant’s fingerprints have to be taken at the Slovenian Embassy);
  4. appropriate health insurance (which covers Slovenia and is valid at the time of processing the application at the Administrative Unit in the Republic of Slovenia);
  5. the enrolment certificate (confirmation of your enrolment at the University of Ljubljana);
  6. a certificate of sufficient means of support during your stay in the Republic of Slovenia (at least equaling the basic minimum monthly income in the Republic of Slovenia). This includes regular income such as a scholarship, personal income, pensions or parents’ income. In case of your parents’ income, you need to submit the following: the applicant’s birth certificate, a statement by the parents that they will support the applicant and proof of the parents’ monthly income.   The deposit of funds in the Republic of Slovenia or a credit card does not count as means of support; and 
  7. a Police Clearance Certificate (non-criminal, non-punitive record) from your country of origin that is not older than three months, legalized and translated into the Slovenian language. 

Upon receiving notification that you may collect your permit, you will have to come in person with your passport to the DCRM at which you submitted your application. The permit is issued in the form of a card which contains a contactless chip which stores a digital copy of the holder’s photograph and fingerprint.
In the event your application is denied, you have the right to appeal which should be submitted within the prescribed time limit to the DCRM. 

Within three days of your arrival in the Republic of Slovenia, you are required to report the place of your temporary residence to the Administration Unit, Department for Internal Affairs (Tobačna ulica 5, 1000 Ljubljana, tel. (01) 306 3261). Students staying at the student dormitory will have their temporary residence automatically reported by the dormitory’s administration office. Others renting a private room or an apartment must do this by themselves at the abovementioned administration office. A student should bring a valid passport,  residence permit and the rental agreement or, if staying with a friend, a written statement from the owner of the apartment stating that they allow the student to stay at that address for the duration of their study period (residence permit).  

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Health Insurance

Foreign students coming from EU member countries and countries of the European economic region should have the E 128 form, E 111 form or E-card. The document type depends on the authorized insurance agency of the country of their origin. Namely, students should contact the authorized insurance agency with which they have taken out insurance and ask for one of the above-mentioned forms.
If you have no health insurance in your home country, you can contact an insurance company that will cover your insurance in the Republic of Slovenia (ASSISTENCE CORIS, Ul. Bratov Babnik 10, 1000 Ljubljana).


There are two main accommodation possibilities:
to rent a private room or apartment – check the local newspapers and real-estate agencies; or to rent a room managed by the students’ residence halls

The International Office of the University of Ljubljana can help you by providing rooms in students’ residence halls but, due to the shortage of rooms, we cannot ensure that you will really get a bed. All rooms in students’ residence halls are double rooms. They are furnished and have a shared kitchen and bathroom (
Temporary accommodation can be found at some hostels and budget hotels. Among others, you may contact the addresses below:

Hostel CELICA, Metelkova 8,1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 230 97 00, E-mail: 

Hotel EMONEC, Wolfova 12, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 200 15 20, E-mail: 

Hotel PARK/ Hostel PARK, Tabor 9, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 300 25 00, Fax: +386 143 30 546

Youth Hostel Ljubljana (BIT), Litijska 57, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 548 00 55, Fax: +386 1 548 00 56
E-mail:, Website:

Aladin Hostel, Tugomerjeva 56, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 41 666 477, Fax: 386 1 515 14 36 

For more information on housing in Ljubljana please visit: or

You may ask for assistance in finding private accommodation at the Student Organisation ( ŠOU will help you find private accommodation after your arrival to Ljubljana. Before your departure you should book yourself a hostel for the first few nights. After the arrival, visit the International Office of the Student Organization (Kersnikova 4, office hours MON and WED: 3 pm - 6pm, TUE, THUR, FRI: 12 am – 3 pm).

Use HousingAnywhere platform to rent out your room to an incoming exchange student and get a room in Ljubljana. This website is free to use and it operates on a student-to-student basis. For any questions, please contact