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Call for Application for the Double Degree Master Programme in European Studies (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana) and Governance and Public Policy – Staatswissenschaften (University of Passau) in the academic year 2024/2025

 The Double Degree programme is a combined programme that enables the master students to graduate with two degrees – one in European Studies and another in Governance and Public Policy – Staatswissenschaften. After successfully completing the master’s programmes of both participating universities, candidates acquire two diplomas: Master in European Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ljubljana (FSS-UL) and M.A. Governance and Public Policy – Staatswissenschaften at the University of Passau (UNI PASSAU).


The Double Degree programme is a two-year programme that takes place in the first year of the Master's programme in European Studies at FSS-UL where students obtain 60 ECTS credits. In the second year, students study at UNI PASSAU and obtain 30 ECTS credits. Students can choose to complete the entire second year of the master's program at UNI PASSAU, writing a master's thesis in co-mentorship by professors from both partners and gaining 60 ECTS credits upon successful defence of the master’s thesis. Credits obtained at both universities under the Double Degree programme are mutually recognised, which shortens the study period compared to obtaining two diplomas separately.

Students complete the following obligations at UNI PASSAU: 30 ECTS are obtained from the range of courses offered in the fields of comparative policies / public policies, governance and international relations, European integration, political institutions, European and international law and modern European history. If students choose to write a master's thesis at UNI PASSAU, they obtain additional 30 ECTS credits for the master's thesis.

Students shall also be enrolled regularly at UNI PASSAU in their 2nd year of studies. Students complete the enrolment procedure in accordance with the requirements and rules of UNI PASSAU and shall provide the necessary supporting documents to UNI PASSAU. They are exempt from tuition fees and pay only the enrolment costs.

For the studies at UNI PASSAU, students can obtain a grant under the Erasmus+ programme .

Number of available places: 3

Terms and conditions

Open for applications by students of the Master's programme in European Studies who meet the following conditions:

  • the student is enrolled in the 1st year of the Master's programme in European Studies,
  • the student is currently completing his/her study obligations and will have completed at least 52 ECTS credits by the end of the academic year 2023/2024,
  • the student has English and German knowledge at least at B2 level.

Selection criteria

The selection of candidates will be based on the following criteria:

  • motivation to obtain two diplomas, which will be described in motivation letter,
  • average grade at the undergraduate level, as well as in the first semester at the master level.
  • knowledge of English and German Language.


The application of candidates must contain:

  • CV in English, containing personal data, information on previous education and achievements, practical or work experience or qualifications, as well as information on any scholarships or awards,
  • motivation letter in English
  • proof of English language proficiency at B2 level and German language proficiency at B2 level

Submission of Applications

Students submit their application together with all required supporting documents by 9 January 2024 by e-mail to Maša Kolenbrand at (International Relations Office). Applications submitted after the submission deadline shall not be considered.

The applications will be assessed by the Selection Commission and will be shortlisted for the nomination of students to UNI PASSAU. Students will be informed of the selection in writing by end of March 2024.

Additional information

More information about UNI PASSAU can be found at, information on the study programme can be found at:

For additional information on the conditions, mode of study, study obligations, etc. please contact Maša Kolenbrand (International Relations Office), by e-mail or telephone 01/ 5805-305.



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