New PhD Program in Technology and Humanities at Illinois Tech

Libby Hemphill, PhD, Assistant Professor of Communication and Information Studies Illinois Institute of Technology is looking for PhD students interested in studying how citizens use social media to bring about social change in their communities to join the Collaboration and Social Media Lab at Illinois Tech.

They are currently studying hyperlocal social networks, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and related social media platforms in order to understand social media's role in civic engagement and to reduce cyberbullying. They use interviews, participatory design, machine learning, and natural language processing in their research. Students in the lab will enroll in the PhD program in Technology and Humanities

More about their social media and civic engagement project can be found on the lab’s website. The project is supported by the National Science Foundation and includes at least one year of full tuition and stipend support for qualified students.

More about the PhD Program in Technology:

Applicants interested in research in any of the following areas are encouraged to apply:

  • Civic impacts of social media
  • Digital design and production
  • Ethics and technology
  • Games and gaming
  • Gender and sexuality in technology
  • History of technology
  • Participatory culture and social media
  • Rhetoric of technology
  • Science, technology, and society

The program is educating a new type of scholar - someone who will contribute creative and critical work and advance the understanding of the relationships between people and technologies. All students take courses in the Humanities Department’s core areas of communication, information, and media studies, history, linguistics, and philosophy and work closely with faculty in multiple disciplines. To learn more about our department, visit Most students receive tuition support and stipends through teaching and research assistantships.

Interested students should contact faculty they are interested in working with and visit the Graduate College admissions site.

The application deadline for Fall 2017 is January 31, 2017

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