Members of the Department of Social Informatics and methodology at the Sociological meeting 2016

Sociolosko srecanjeThis year has been, within the Slovenian Sociological Society, established Methodological section, which have largely included members of the Department for Social Informatics and Methodology (KDIM) at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Management Section has taken over member KDIM Dr. Mitja Hafner Fink. The first event in the operation of sections took place on Saturday 12 November 2016 at the sociological conference in Portorož. On the section, which was moderated by Mitja Hafner Fink, it was presented seven papers.

It seems that the issue of the survey methodology is currently among the most popular methodological topics, as the authors in their presentations mainly dealt with the issue of survey. Thus, Gregor Čehovin from the Center for Social Informatics (CDI) gave an overview of the contents of the meta-analyzes in the field of survey methodology. Dr. Gregor Petric, KDIM member, spoke about the results of the analysis of the effects of time sending invitations by e-mail to the response rate in the survey within the online community (co-author contributions are  Katja Lozar Manfred and Andraz Petrovčič). Dr. Andraz Petrovčič (KDIM) presented the findings of the analysis of the impact of the number of calls on the quality of data in telephone interviewing older individuals (co-author contributions are Gasper Stanovnik and Nejc Berzelak). On the meeting the issue of testing questionnaires was also considered by Dr. Tina Kogovšek (FF, and KDIM) how compared the use of "online" and "offline" focus groups in testing questionnaires with sensitive contents (co-authors of the paper Valentin Hlebec, Katja Lozar Manfred and Bojana Lobe).

Two papers have dealt with the issue of the effects of survey mode. May Doušak from the Centre for Public Opinion Research in Mass Communication (CJMMK) is in his theoretical paper talked about interview mode as a moderator (other) effects in the context of the survey situation. Nino Zajc from the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SORS), is based on the results of the pilot study show the ability to use online survey in combination with other methods of interviewing persons in research in the household for official statistics.

At the end Dr. Sonja Bezjak  and Irena Bolko (both from ADP) presented the changes brought about by the (European) law on the protection of personal data. In doing so, they drew attention to the solutions that could be (negatively) affect the possibilities of data collection as well as access to existing data. It's about the stuff that researchers should not ignored and should in the next few months, actively participate in discussions, to avoid solutions in national legislation further complicate empirical social research.

Summaries are available in the Book of Abstracts Sociological meeting 2016 here.

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