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Interview: Karin Vidonja

Karin Vidonja is a graduate of Marketing Communication and Public Relations and a Master in Social Informatics. She works in the field of digital marketing and web analytics, where research methods and interpretation of results, supported by technical knowledge, help her understand customers in the digital environment.

Why do you think it is useful to continue your studies on the Master's in Social Informatics? (You can also think in a broader context about continuing your studies in general and link it to the SI programme; What doors did your studies on level 2 open for you?)

I was a Marketing Communications and Public Relations graduate in my undergraduate studies, so I got a job in a digital marketing agency as a student, where a background in social informatics is really very desirable, or I would say even necessary. The Master's degree in Social Informatics broadened and deepened my knowledge of new technologies and strengthened my research approaches, which are essential in marketing. Karin_Vidonja

What did you like most during your studies?

What I liked most during my studies was that we worked a lot on the challenges of the current digital society. We always got all the relevant and up-to-date theoretical background for these, and then we reinforced our understanding with very topical practical examples. The material was thus presented in a way that was very close to our hearts, but at the same time, its topicality made it even more applicable and useful for everyone's work. 

How does the knowledge you have gained from your Social Informatics degree help you in your workplace?

As I work in the field of digital marketing and web analytics, the research methods and the interpretation of their results help me a lot in understanding our customers in the digital environment, and the technical knowledge I have gained helps me to understand the context and troubleshoot in the light of customer feedback.

What role do you think Social Informatics will play in the digital society of the future? 

Increasingly, because in today's complex digital space, understanding the end-customers of digital services and understanding the role of technology play an increasingly important role. In marketing alone, which is moving online a little more each year, more and more new terms are emerging that define the need for marketers to understand their customers, but also to understand MarTech and AdTech tools to better manage their objectives and activities. The individual must master the technology, but also understand the social impact of this new technology, which is addressed very directly by social informatics.

If you were to decide to enrol in a Master's degree, would you choose to study SI again and why?

If I were to decide again, I would choose the Master's in Social Informatics again, because the knowledge I have gained helps me a lot in my daily work. 

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