Ideas market


On Tuesday, November 29, at the course Information Society Phenomena lead by dr. Vesna Dolničar, on the Master Programme of Social Informatics, students’ ideas market was held. Groups of students presented their own business ideas for information-communication technology-based solutions for active and healthy ageing, that are intended for both, older adults and their family members or caregivers. Preparation and presentation of business ideas took place under the guidance of dr. Dušan Lesjak and dr. Benjamin Lesjak. On the market, groups of students presented 5 interesting business ideas. The winning idea was the idea of developing the Smart Walking Stick. Other groups presented business ideas of developing smartphone apps: pill reminder app; app for preventing loneliness and connecting older adults with their relatives, friends and other people suffering from the same problem; app with multiple applications adapted to older adults’ needs that could be also connected to different household items (windows, doors…); and app for connecting older adults with their grandchildren.

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