Funding for a PhD scholarschip on cyberbullying

The University of West London is providing funds for a PhD scholarship to work on a project looking at cyberbullying within a contextual framework.

Applications from interested candidates linked to the EU Kids Online network would be more than welcome. For any further questions, contact Dr Anke Goerzig (


Full description of the advert: 

Cultural values, socio-economic structures and incidences of (cyber)-bullying in Europe

Rationale and brief description
The phenomenon of cyberbullying is gaining ever more attention by media and policy makers in many countries, while it has been considered a major public health concern in some. Theoretical frameworks using a socio-ecological approach (e.g., Swearer & Espelage, 2004) as well as cultural differences in social hierarchies (e.g., Pratto et al., 2006) emphasize the importance of explanatory factors located at the wider societal level.


Main research objectives
The main aim of this research is to use archival data from separate studies in the UK and Europe, and combine these to provide a pan-European perspective on the instances and context of how cyber bullying occurs.


This project will link cross-national data on bullying and cyberbullying from the EU Kids Online and Net Children Go Mobile surveys (see and with variables of other cross-national European survey data (e.g., European Social Survey, World Value Survey, Eurostat).
Results will identify whether and which contextual factors play a role for incidences of cyberbullying. Implications for policy makers and stakeholders concerning the embedment of cyberbullying within structures of the wider society will be derived.
Applicants should have an interest in theoretical approaches to bullying and cyberbullying (e.g., DeWall et al., 2011; Kowalski et al., 2014), cross-cultural psychology (e.g., Hofstede, 2011; House et al., 2004) and socio-ecological approaches and some working knowledge of SPSS, Stata or other statistical packages; and  SPSS syntax files.

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