Aleš Lisac

1. Would you please shortly describe your previous career experiences as well as your current job position?

To start with, I was a co-founder of one of the first private enterprise in ex Yugoslavia, Aktiva d.o.o. I worked there from 1989 – 1990. 

Then, from 1990 to 1991 i was an independent consultant to Slovenian Statistical Office. From  1992 to 1995 I was appointed CEO at  IIBS d.o.o. Ljubljana - Institute of International Business Studies. I was also the first leader of American MBA programme based in Slovenia. 

From 1995 I am an owner and CEO of  the company Lisac & Lisac d.o.o.

After I finished the undergraduate studies, I continued my studies at Clemson University In North Carolina, USA.  There, I finished an MBA programme, and authored three monographies on network marketing. Nowadays, I regularly write and publish articles in various Slovenian business journals. 

2. Would you please share the advantages of studying Social Informatics you would consider were those that helped you in your career?

The core advantage of study programme of Social Informatics for me was its broad coverage of knowledge, mainly from social and computer sciences.

3. Who would you recommend this study programme to?

I would recommend it to anyone interested in statistics, computer and information sciences.

4. What was it that you like the most with Social Informatics study programmes, what would you say it is its advantage in comparison to other study programmes?

I especially liked the project work in small study groups. And I still remember two study excursions to Dubravnik.

5. Which course would you say was the most useful for you and why so?

I would say all the courses were quite useful as most of them offer the right knowledge that can be very useful later in life when one  enters the business world.

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