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Textbook: Osnovna statistična analiza v R-ju

The Publishing House at Faculty of Social Sciences has published textbook Osnova statistična analiza v R-ju, written and edited by a member of our Chair Assoc. prof. dr. Aleš Žiberna.

19. July 2016 | Notifications

Statisticians Compile “10 Simple Rules for Effective Statistical Practice”

Statistics may be everywhere, but a constant challenge for researchers is that statistics aren’t always understood, calculated or communicated effectively.

22. June 2016 | Notifications

The wording of survey question can be improved using linguistic resources such as text corpuses and lexical databases

On Friday, 17 June 2016, Ana Slavec, a graduate of Social informatics and member of KDIM, defended her doctoral thesis entitled Improving survey question wording using language resources.

22. June 2016 | Notifications

Free webinars Research Data Management Community Training & Access Policies and Usage Regulations: Licenses

On 23. and 30. June 2016 will be held two free webinars on the research data management, licensing and policy.

20. June 2016 | Notifications

Release of monography Responsibility for the development of social sciences: ten years of renewed programs

The monography includes two contributed articles from the members of Chair of Social Informatics and Methodology: Vasja Vehovar: Izzivi procesa reakreditacije študijskih programov FDV and Katja Lozar Manfreda, Aleš Žiberna and Anuška Ferligoj: Statistična pismenost družboslovca.

16. June 2016 | Notifications

Open term for science: Anže Sendelbah: Visualization of quantitative data

We invite you to the sixth Open term for science on 16th June 2016 where Anže Sendelbah, social informatics graduate and doctoral student of statistics from Centre for Social Informatics, will present theoretical and practical aspects of effective visualization of quantitative data.

15. June 2016 | Notifications

Getting Started: Online Qualitative Research Design Basics

Why conduct a qualitative inquiry, and what is the rationale for doing it online? What kinds of design and ethical issues do qualitative researchers need to consider when planning to collect data online?

14. June 2016 | Notifications

EDIT 2016 Summer School

EDIT Summer School is designed for students who want to supplement academic knowledge with practical experience. They can take part in three interesting projects in the field of information technology and analytics.

13. June 2016 | Notifications

Information day for Doctoral Programmes

Information day for Doctoral Programmes (Level 3) in Humanities and Social Sciences for the academic year 2016/2017 for the fields coordinated by the Faculty of Social Sciences, will be held on Tuesday, 14th June 2016 at 16.00 in the lecture room 8.

06. June 2016 | Notifications

Awarding the diplomas of undergraduate and master studies

15. and 16. 6. 2016 at the Faculty of Social Sciences will be held a ceremony where diplomas of undergraduate and master programmes will be awarded. Among others, also to 13 new Masters in Social Informatics and to 27 new graduates of Social Informatics study programme.

02. June 2016 | Notifications