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Ideas market

On Tuesday, November 29, at the course Information Society Phenomena lead by dr. Vesna Dolničar, on the Master Programme of Social Informatics, students’ ideas market was held.

02. December 2016 | Notifications

Presentation of topics for graduation and the master's thesis

Presentation of topics for the for graduation and the master's thesis will take place on Thursday 1 December, starting at 16.00 in the grand hall of Faculty of Social Sciences.

30. November 2016 | Notifications

Members of the Department of Social Informatics and methodology at the Sociological meeting 2016

This year has been, within the Slovenian Sociological Society, established Methodological section. The first event in the operation of sections took place on Saturday 12 November 2016 at the sociological conference in Portorož. On the section, which was moderated by Mitja Hafner Fink, it was presented seven papers.

30. November 2016 | Notifications

The December meeting of the "Open Data"

The fourth year's meeting of the Open Data will take place in Ljubljana creative centre of the Poligon 07/12/2016.

24. November 2016 | Notifications

European Statistics Day

On 20 October we celebrated the European Statistics Day. Under the slogan "Better data. Better Life," Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia has released an interactive application "You in EU".

24. October 2016 | Notifications

Katja Lozar Manfreda, PhD, presented paper at the RC33 Conference 2016

Katja Lozar Manfreda, PhD, has recently attended the 2016 RC33 Conference where she presented the paper "Usability of Offline and Online Focus Groups for Sensitive Pretesting Questionnaires."

14. October 2016 | Notifications

Social informatic co-founder of the most successful Slovenian massive funding project

Slovenian start-up Cashila has managed to obtain a record 10.5 million dollars in campaign of fundraising for the project ICONOMI, the platform that enables simple investing to crypto currencies.

06. October 2016 | Notifications

Freshman reception

On Monday, 3 October 2016, at 9 am at the Faculty of Social Sciences will be held a traditional reception of first-year students of the new generation.

28. September 2016 | Notifications

Presentations of our students' practices

Students of Social informatics will present their work prepared in the Practice course on 20 September 2016, from 14h to 15h in the classroom 15.

12. September 2016 | Notifications

Workshop for educators: Using Census (2011) data for study purposes

The workshop is aimed for educators in various areas who want to use the data from the Census 2011 in their courses or tutorials.

07. September 2016 | Notifications