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A first student obtaining a double degree within the agreement of the Faculty of Social Sciences UL and University of Salerno

In June 2017 a first student obtained a double master degree in Social informatics from UL and Master of Science in Sociology and Policies for the Territory form the University of Salerno.

20. June 2017 | Notifications

Online Surveys

The paper by Vasja Vehovar and Katja Lozar Manfreda has been published in a handbook of online research methods by a recognized international publisher Sage.

08. May 2017 | Notifications

Collaboration between researchers

Scientometrics journal (Springer publisher) has published an article written by Hajdeje Iglič, Patrick Doreiana, Luke Kroneggerja (lecturer on programs of social informatics) and Anuške Ferligoj entitled "With Whom to Researchers collaborate and why?"

08. May 2017 | Notifications

WebCamp 2017

This year, WebCamp will take place on April 22, 2017 at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana. You can expect a day full of diverse talks, chocolate, coffee, and fun.

30. March 2017 | Notifications

Gregor Čehovin presented a paper on survey breakoffs at GOR 2017 conference

Gregor Čehovin from the Centre for Social Informatics attended the General Online Reearch (GOR) 2017 conference.

23. March 2017 | Notifications

Guest lectures of prof. dr. Michael Bosnjak from Gesis

Centre for social informatics (CDI) in cooperation with the Faculty of mathematics and physics hosted prof. dr. Michael Bosnjak, who gave lectures on meta-analysis to doctoral students.

10. March 2017 | Notifications

Sampling, Weighting and Estimation in Survey Methodology

The second SERISS training course “Sampling, Weighting and Estimation in Survey Methodology” will be held on 24th-25th April 2017 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

26. January 2017 | Notifications

The success of the magazine Metodološki zvezki - Advances in methodology and statistics

International scientific journal Metodološki zvezki broke into ¾ journals in the SCOPUS database and also has the A' for the year 2016.

25. January 2017 | Notifications

Hungry for data? Food statistics

We invite you to attend the traditional Statistical Days. At the 2017 Statistical Day the topics of food, food safety and data enabling insight into the situation in this area will be discussed by esteemed experts from Slovenia.

28. December 2016 | Notifications

Andraž Petrovčič, PhD received the solemn certificate for exceptional pedagogical and research accomplishments

Within the University Week of University of Ljubljana, that was carried out between 5th and 9th December 2016, Andraž Petrovčič, PhD has received the solemn certificate for young academics and higher education employees for exceptional pedagogical and research accomplishments.

21. December 2016 | Notifications