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Infographics by Students of Postgraduate Programme of Social Informatics

In November 2017, the Chair of Social Informatics and Methodology hosted Assist. Prof. Cláudia Vasconcelos Silvestre, who gave lectures on how to communicate data effectively.

19. January 2018 | Student works

Projects of master students in the field of Geoinformatics

In the academic year 2015/16 at the course New technologies in social science research work students of Master of Social Informatics programme were working on interesting project in the field of geoinformatics. Project was led by visiting professor Dr. Sabine Hennig from the University of Salzburg.

04. February 2016 | Student works


After thirty days of the campaign in co-Founding platform Kickstarter is a third-year student of Social informatics Tim Berce, as a co-author of table games TRACKER, successfully completed and obtained funds in the amount of US $ 12,404.

08. May 2014 | Student works