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Interview: Andreja Praček

Andreja Praček holds a Master's degree in Social Informatics and is a researcher at the Centre for Social Informatics.

13. July 2022 | Notifications, Careers

Doctoral programme in Social Informatics and Social Science Methodology

The second deadline for enrolment in the doctoral programmes is 19 August 2022.

08. July 2022 | Notifications

Doctoral dissertations of social informatics

Read the abstracts of the PhD theses of Dr Sara Atanasova and Natalija Rebrica.

06. July 2022 | Notifications

University of Essex, UK Data Archive, Faculty of Social Sciences

The UK Data Archive is seeking to appoint a Senior User Support and Training Officer.

01. July 2022 | Notifications, Work and study opportunities

First graduate of the new Social Informatics master's programme

Andreja Praček successfully defended her master's thesis »Student Evaluation Surveys in a Global Context: Methodological Aspects of Conducting and Interpreting the Results«, becoming the first graduate of the new 2-year master's programme in Social Informatics, which was launched at the Faculty of Social Sciences in the academic year 2021/22.

29. June 2022 | Notifications

Answers to frequently asked questions about the new Social Informatics Master's Program

Summaries of answers from the Information Day 2022 presentation, including relevant links and additional information.

17. May 2022 | Notifications

Information day for the Master’s programme of Social Informatics

Information day for the Master’s programme of Social Informatics will be held on May 11th at 18.00.

10. May 2022 | Notifications

Interview: Karin Vidonja

Karin Vidonja is a graduate of Marketing Communication and Public Relations and a Master in Social Informatics. She works in the field of digital marketing and web analytics, where research methods and interpretation of results, supported by technical knowledge, help her understand customers in the digital environment.

08. May 2022 | Notifications, Careers

Interview: Jure Plaskan

Jure Plaskan holds a degree in Cultural Studies and a Master's degree in Social Informatics. During his Master's studies, he acquired methodological skills that are now useful to him in his work as a researcher.

04. May 2022 | Notifications, Careers

Interview: Špela Perner

Špela Perner has a master's degree in Social Informatics and currently works for a company that designs and develops applications.

27. April 2022 | Notifications, Careers