Students' opinions: Rok Kogej - political scientist

Why is the study programme Politics and the state the best solution? Among other things because of wide variety of elective courses which means that you can choose what interests you.

Rok Kogej – political scientist, translator, former coordinator of the Workers and Punks University, former director and editor-in-chief of Sophia Publishing House and former director of the Institute for Workers' Studies - on enrolment on the program Politics and the state:

"If I look back, it was absolutely the right decision. I can say that this Faculty and specifically this study programme (Politics and the state) gave me everything I needed ... enough space to search for what I was interested in, and this within a very wide range of things that you can deal with in the field of political science. Studying at the FDV gives you enough taste and knowledge, without limiting when you choose your own route."


Back to list of notificationsPublished: 10. February 2019 | Category: Opinions