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New Paper on the Evolution of Central and Eastern Europe Related International Business Research

Andreja Jaklič, Krzysztof Obloj, Marjan Svetličič and Luka Kronegger have published a new paper titled 'Evolution of Central and Eastern Europe Related International Business Research' in the Journal of Business Research. In the paper, they review the presence of articles related to Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) in Web of Science (WOS). Their bibliometric analysis reveals the trends of CEE-related articles in the areas of international business (IB), management and economics up to 2016. The results show steady growth in absolute and relative numbers after 1990, intensifying since 2010. The authors also conduct topic research using network analysis with blockmodeling. They identify a network of topics and their interrelations over time and used them to periodise the CEE-related research in IB. The most-cited CEE-related IB articles and the main citation path are also presented. The analysis adds to the discussion of how the CEE region is explored in IB research, its contributions, impacts and the challenges facing regional research in the future. In the study, a methodology and framework for performing a comprehensive bibliometric analysis on regional IB research is applied. The full paper can be accessed here.

Back to list of notificationsPublished: 09. September 2019 | Category: News