Web Survey Day 2014 Event Successfully Concluded

Following the success of the previous two events, namely Web Survey Day (WSD 2012 and WSD 2013), we organised WSD 2014 on 27 November 2014. The success of the event is evident in the growing number of participants, with 280 participants attending this year (up from 180 from last year). The participants were mainly from the public sector, including education and research institutions, as well as from the private sector, media outlets and PR agencies.

The event had four parts. In the introductory part, Dr Vasja Vehovar presented the methodological, informational and user aspects of web surveys. He highlighted three main aspects:  the integration of mobile devices, measuring the quality of real-time data, and user experience issues. 

The second part consisted of presentations of prospective doctoral students from the web survey field, who presented their research topics. Ana Slavec presented the potential of language technologies in the creation of web questionnaires, Anže Sendelbah talked about multi-tasking in online surveys and Gregor Čehovin presented a meta study on the topic of break-offs in online surveys.

In the third part, researchers from the Centre for Social Informatics presented their research, from definition of the problem through to the results. Dr Nejc Berzelak presented the mode effect in web surveying, Dr Katja Lozar Manfreda presented an experiment on the topic of introduction and email invitations in web surveys, while Dr Andraz Petrovčič spoke about using web surveys for exploring online communities.

In the last part of the event, several user meetings were held. An interactive workshop “1KA for beginners” (Marjana Vrh) was held in the computer classroom and lasted 2 hours. In a parallel workshop, several organisations that use 1KA in their work shared their experiences. Three parallel workshops for advanced users followed: A systematic review of 1KA functionalities (Gregor Čehovin), Overview of advanced functionalities of 1KA (Dr Andraž Petrovčič) and Own installation and own domain (Dr Vasja Vehovar).

We published the presentation materials from WSD14 for registered users of 1KA.

(To view the presentation, register on the english.1ka.si website for free)

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