Visiting professor dr. Maria Prosperina Vitale from the University of Salerno lectured on social network data collection and data analysis

Faculty of Social Sciences hosted Assoc. Prof. Maria Prosperina Vitale, Ph. D., and doctoral student Pierluigi Vitale from University of Salerno (Italy) between December 12 and 14. Prof. Vitale visited the faculty within the Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility programme, in cooperation with the Chair of Social Informatics and Methodology, Centre for Social Informatics and Centre for Methodology and Informatics. Both guests held lectures within the master programme in Social Informatics, in line with the cooperation agreement between the University of Ljubljana and University of Salerno on double degree in social informatics.

Prof. Prosperina Vitale held lectures titled “Collecting and analyzing network data” with the aim to present a brief review of the methods proposed for network data collection.  Participants were introduced to the different sources of network data, the design for network questionnaires and interview schemes of complete and egocentric networks, the tools for collecting online social network data (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, etc.), and generating networks for analysis. Participants were also introduced to software tools to collect network data and empirical examples in different application fields.

Ph. D. Fellow Pierluigi Vitale held a seminar titled “Network Visualization: live analysis of a Twitter conversation”. Starting from the network analysis approach, combined with visualization techniques, the aim of the seminar was to present the dynamics of Twitter conversations, discovering for a specific theme the most debated topic and the most influent users. By using Gephi, an open source tool, it is possible to extract, analyze, visualize and discuss a topic of interest.

Prof. dr. Maria Prosperina Vitale is an Associate Professor in Social Statistics at the Department of Economics and Statistics of the University of Salerno (Italy) since 2016. She has teaching experiences on Social statistics, Statistics, Survey sampling, Indicators definition for analyzing socio-demographic phenomena, Social Network Analysis, and Categorical Data analysis. She is member of research groups and laboratory on Statistics. She has research interests in survey data analysis, structural equations models and social network analysis (SNA). Within the topic of social network analysis she closely collaborates with the research group of prof. Ferligoj from the Centre of methodology and Informatics. More information is available in her curriculum (

Pierluigi Vitale is a PhD Fellow, University of Salerno, Italy. More information is available on his LinkedIn profile (


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