Visiting lecturer Prof. Annelies Blom from the University of Mannheim

On 5 June 2015, the Chair of Social Informatics and Methodology and the Centre for Social Informatics hosted a lecture by Prof. Annelies Blom, PhD from the University of Mannheim. She is the leader of the German Internet Panel (GIP) project which collects interesting sociological data that are available to wide range of European researchers. At the same time, the establishment of such probability online panels is an interesting topic for the field of methodology because such infrastructure is desired in several European countries.   

The content of Prof. Blom’s lecture was as follows:

Setting up a probability-based online panel and opportunities of research: German Internet Panel. This presentation looks into the processes and outcomes of setting up and maintaining a probability-based longitudinal online survey, which is recruited face-to-face and representative of both the online and the offline population aged 16–75 in Germany. This German Internet Panel (GIP) studies political and economic attitudes and reform preferences through bimonthly longitudinal online interviews of individuals. The results demonstrate that a carefully designed and implemented online panel can produce high quality data at lower marginal costs than existing panels that operate solely in a face-to-face mode. The empirical evidence presented look into the GIP, but also other similar panels in France and the Netherlands. Researchers will find opportunities for survey methodological and substantive research with these data.

You can read more about Prof. Annelies Blom here:

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