The web survey day 2020 was held online

On 30 September 2020, the Centre for Social Informatics, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences organized the ninth Web Survey Day (WSD), which was attended by 250 users of online surveys and users of the online survey tool 1KA. This time the event took place in a slightly different form, as we used the platfrm ZOOM for our workshops and lectures.

In the first part, the project manager of 1KA, prof. Vasja Vehovar, PhD, presented the most important trends in the field of online surveys and innovations of 1KA. In this context, he presented: especially the transition to the payment of or free use of the platform (AAI) platform, as well as the most important changes and improvements in the past year.

In the second part, three parallel seminars were held for beginners and advanced users of the 1KA tool, and advanced adoptions for companies and organizations were presented separately. Gregor Čehovin, PhD, systematically presented the main functionalities of the tool at a workshop aimed at information-experienced users who are already familiar with the 1KA tool or have minimal experience. He also presented 1KA subscription packages. Assistant Miha Matjašič presented the advanced and new functionalities of 1KA, in particular the advanced possibilities for designing a questionnaire, such as the use of a dictionary, advanced conditions, blocks, multilingual survey, statistical analysis of subgroups, analysis of the quality of responses, etc. The main innovations in the development of the last year were also presented (1KA subscription packages, mobile adaptations etc.). Peter Hrvatin held a seminar for organizations interested in the possibilities of advanced Internet use of the 1KA system. This is primarily a separate installation or a separate (virtual) domain, which enables a so called “white label” solution, user control, etc. He also presented interfaces and integration with existing information solutions, the possibility of creating additional custom solutions (e.g. custom reports, special modules) and the use of the API protocol, which enables general integration with the 1KA system. Several successful examples of such integrations and upgrades were also presented.

In the last part of the event, Barbara Brečko, PhD, conducted a methodology seminar. It was aimed at all those interested in the methodological aspect of questionnaire design. The basic methodological laws in questionnaire design and general principles in the field of survey methodology were presented. In this context it was shown what we have to pay attention to when creating an online questionnaire in order to avoid measurement errors as far as possible.

The materials of individual WSD 2020 lectures are available for registered users >>


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