The Slovenian i-evAALution pilot intervention study started in Kranj and in Ljubljana

Two i-evAALution workshops with older people and their informal carers took place in the Cultural center Predoslje (25/11/2019) and on the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana (09/12/2019). More than 100 of attendees, who expressed the interest for the participation in the project, were informed about the international project i-evAALution, the research design and the i-evAALution bundle. Both events marked also the beginning of the pilot intervention in Slovenia.

Older people and their informal carers who signed the informed consent, will be assigned to the test group or control group in the next days. The first participants will receive the bundle already in December 2019.

A great interest for participation in this study was expressed by the older people and their informal carers, which indicates the needs for such technological solutions among Slovenian older population and their families.

Eurotronik Kranj, is responsible for the integration and development of i-evAALution bundle and for recruiting in Slovenia, while the implementation of the research, the evaluation and the analysis of the results will be conducted by the Centre for Social Informatics, under the supervision of Dr Vesna Dolničar, Assoc. Prof and coordination of  Dr Simona Hvalič Touzery, Assist. Prof.


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