The project CYBERSAFEMOOC continues the projects ODKLIKNI! and CYBERSAFE

The Project CYBERSAFEMOOC is financed by ERASMUS + Programme and continues the projects ODKLIKNI! and CYBERSAFE. It will address the topic of online violence against girls which is a pressing problem that many school professionals are not equipped enough to address or tackle. For that reason, we have decided to bring the topic closer with several project activities:

  • a survey of schools;
  • development of MOOC and educational material;
  • multiplier events for teachers.

The main objective of the project is to bring together the experts in the field of online violence and gender inequalities to develop educational material for educators/school staff/professionals working with young people, mainly in primary and lower secondary education (pupils and students 13 - 16 years old). In the project the main focus will be on the following forms of online violence against girls: a) Non-consensual sharing of intimate images or/and videos, b) Exploitation, coercion and threats c) Unwanted sexualisation, and d) Sexualised bullying.

The first step in the process is a representative survey of schools (school principals) on cyber violence in four countries/regions (SI, EE, GR, NIR). With the survey we will gather the missing information (e.g. how schools deal with online violence, do they recognize it, where is the emphasis needed etc.) which will be of key importance when developing a MOOC about online violence against girls for school professionals. Based on the existing knowledge, previous experience and the results of the survey the next steps will be taken.

The second step will be the development of educational material and Curriculum for teachers. In a document, the phenomenon of online violence against girls, its causes and consequences will be explained. Within the project also other educational material for teachers will be developed, such as scenarios, quizzes, games.

The developed material will be used for the MOOC, where different tools will be used - videos, presentations, guidelines, tests, quizzes. The MOOC will be developed in 4 languages (English, Slovenian, Estonian, Greek). All the material developed within the project will be published on the common webpage and in different repositories of participating countries.

The project involves the next countries:

  • Slovenia – University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences,
  • Estonia – University of Tartu and Woman's support and information center,
  • Greece – Syndesmos Melon Gynaikeion Somateion Irakleioy Kai Nomoy Irakleioy,
  • North Ireland– NEXUS – rape and sexual abuse support,
  • Netherlands – International Child Development Iniciatives,
  • Denmark – Serious  Games Interactive.

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