Simona Hvalič Touzery, PhD, published an article in scientific journal Human Systems Management

Simona Hvalič Touzery, PhD, member of the Centre for Social Informatics FSS UL, published an article in co-authorship with Brigita Skela-Savič, PhD, Sanela Pivač, PhD from Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care and Katarina Babnik, PhD from Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. The article was published in the journal Human Systems Management titled Measuring individual and work-related correlates of employees well-being with a short form of the psychological general well-being index : a pilot validation study in Slovenia.

The study aimed to perform a construct validation of the previously developed short forms of the Psychological General Well-Being Index (PGWBI) on the working population and to identify the possible individual and work-related characteristics that co-shape individual perceptions of well-being.

The confirmatory factor analysis identified the PGWBI-B short form of the PGWBI as having the most appropriate goodness of fit measure. The study proved that working conditions are correlated with employees’ well-being. Further validation of the PGWBI short forms should be performed with parallel and work context-specific measures of well-being to assess their concurrent validity. The monitoring of general employee well-being should become a regular practice in work organisations.

Back to list of notificationsPublished: 16. November 2020 | Category: Publications