Sakari Taipale, PhD, published in International Journal of Social Robotics

Sakari Taipale, PhD, member of Centre for Social Informatics, published an article »Care Workers’ Readiness for Robotization: Identifying Psychological and Socio-Demographic Determinants« in International Journal of Social Robotics.

Authors of the article identified “psychological and socio-demographic determinants associated with readiness for robotization among professional Finnish care-workers. National survey data were collected from professional care workers (n = 3800) between October and November 2016.”

“The data were analyzed with regression models for respondents with and without firsthand experience with robots. The models explained 34–39% of the variance in the readiness for robotization. The readiness was positively associated with self-efficacy, perceived social norms, interest in technology, and perceived impacts on employment. It was also found that the readiness was less determined by age, gender, profession and job satisfaction among the respondents with firsthand robot experience.”
Back to list of notificationsPublished: 22. June 2020 | Category: Publications