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Safer Internet Day 2023

During Safer Internet Day 2023, which was celebrated on February 7th, the Internet Safety Awareness Point, which is part of the Centre for Social Informatics, drew attention to the problem of inappropriate online content that has a negative impact on adolescents. The issue of pornographic content stands out, as it is encountered by adolescents at a very early age and has a number of negative effects on them.

Research shows that there is an increasing number of children who come into contact with online pornography before the age of 11, which can be accidental while surfing the web or intentional, when teenagers deliberately seek out this content. This is because online pornography is available to everyone without restrictions, or it is very easy to circumvent any restrictions (e.g. by clicking a button to confirm you are 18 years old). 

The Internet Awareness Point is aware of an issue that is not talked about enough in our society. That is why they believe that these issues should be regularly discussed with young people both in schools and within the family, as they are part of growing up. To this end, they are organising a webchat on February 14th on the topic of inappropriate content, which will be broadcast live to registered schools and will be made publicly available at a later date. A webinar for parents on the effects of pornography on children and young people is also being organised for the end of February.
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