Prof. Vasja Vehovar, PhD lectured at the Summer School in Survey Methodology at Universitat Pomepu Fabra Barcelona

Prof. Vasja Vehovar, PhD from Centre for Social Informatics has conducted a course at the Summer School in Survey Methodology that was carried out by Universitat Pomepu Fabra in Barcelona at the end of June 2016.

His course, called Introduction to web survey methodology, provided a general introduction on web survey methodology concepts and implementation practice. On one side, a systematic and broad overview of key methodological issues was provided covering all three essential steps of the core web survey process: pre-fielding (2 course hours), fielding, and post-fielding (1 course hour each). On the other side and simultaneously, at all essential points where important dilemmas arise for the users, the key practical suggestions were elaborated for the purpose of conducting high quality web surveys. The participants have thus gain competences in two directions:

  • Insight in contemporary challenges of web survey methodology and overview of the corresponding state-of-the-art;
  • Essential suggestions about solutions related to most important and also to most frequent practical problems.
The programme of summer school is available at Univerze Pompeu Fabra homepage.
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