Prof. dr. Vasja Vehovar received Blejec award of the Statistical Society of Slovenia in 2018

Prof. dr. Vasja Vehovar, head of the Centre for Social Informatics, is the recipient of Blejec award of the Statistical Society of Slovenia in 2018. The awards ceremony took place on 12 February 2019 as part of the Statistical Day 2019.

Prof. dr. Vasja Vehovar shares his knowledge with numerous Slovenian institutions dealing with the collection of statistical data (e.g. the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia-SURS, National Institute of Public Health); is responsible for the project of student evaluation surveys at the University of Ljubljana and through the work on the 1KA online survey tool, he also spreads statistical and methodological knowledge to many commercial companies and educators.

He also carries out several statistical and methodological subjects at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences and has significantly contributed to the establishment of the higher education program of Social Informatics at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences and the interdisciplinary doctoral study of the Statistics program.

Prof. dr. Vasja Vehovar is a highly respected scientist in the field of statistics. In his researches, he primarily focuses on statistical aspects of data collection and analysis, sampling in surveys, methodology of online surveys and the methodology of Internet research (RIS). In 1998, he established the WebSM web site, which is considered to be the central information resource in the field of online surveys in the international area. In 2002, he set up an online tool for survey data collection called 1KA, which contributes to the popularization of statistical data collection. He is very successful in acquiring research projects. He has co-ordinated several European projects and is very active in the European Social Survey, where he has since 2013 been the leader of the WP Post-stratification weighting and a member of the Permanent Methodology Board. He is also a member of the editorial boards of the magazines Methodological volumes, International Journal of Social Research Methodology and Survey Research Methods.

Vehovar’s bibliography is extremely rich: 50 original scientific articles, 27 chapters in scientific monographs and 6 scientific monographs; he also co-authored the latest Web Survey Methodology in 2015 by SAGE publisher. He is the only Slovenian statistician who published an article in the most prestigious statistical magazine Journal of the American Statistical Association. He received several awards, including the award of the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia Excellent in Science in 2016 and the AAPOR Warren J. Mitofsky Innovators Award in 2009 for the WebSM web site. Prof. dr. Vasja Vehovar is among the most quoted Slovenian scientists in social sciences.

Congratulations to the award recipient!

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