Presentation of the projects results on the ISG 12th World Conference of Gerontechnology

"Measures to achieve better quality of life and active healthy aging" was the theme of the 12th World Conference of Gerontechnology. The online conference was organised by the International Society for Gerontechnology (ISG) and took place from 6 to 9 October. The program consisted of contributions from 20 countries, 14 symposia, 2 roundtables, 5 keynotes, 68 oral contributions in 13 sessions, and 57 posters. The presentations were grouped into five broad categories or domains including: (1) Experienced Health and (Self) Respect, (2) Housing and Daily Living, (3) Communication and Governance, (4) Mobility and Transport, (5) Work and Leisure. There was also a digital exhibition of products and solutions.

The Centre for Social Informatics at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana gave two presentations, among others on the psychosocial impacts of telemonitoring system utilization and on the psychological outcomes of telecare use in informal care and as i-evAALution research partner participated in the preparation of the presentation on the i-evAALution randomized control trial.

These are the links to the abstracts of the presented papers:

The first two papers were prepared within the projects (Smart ICT Solutions for Active and Healthy Ageing: Integrating Informal eCare Services in Slovenia, ID L5-7626, Factors impacting intention to use smart technology enabled care services among family carers of older people in the context of long-distance care, ID J5-1785, Programme Internet research, P5-0399) which are financially supported by the Slovenian Research Agency. The third paper was prepared within the project Integrating and evaluating AAL solutions (i-evAALution), which is financed by the National funding agencies and the AAL programme.

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