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Presentation of a research paper at the ICA22 conference

Members of the Centre for Social Informatics (Jošt Bartol, Dr. Katja Prevodnik, Dr. Vasja Vehovar, and Dr. Andraž Petrovčič) participated in the conference of the International Communication Association (ICA), which took place from 25 to 29 May 2022. They presented an original contribution titled “The effects of internet privacy perceptions on internet uses in later life” at the meeting of the Comparative Privacy Research Network (CPRN).

In the presented study, the authors linked the fields of research on online privacy and digital inequalities to examine how internet privacy concerns affect internet uses of older adults. They also addressed the question of whether older adults engage in a strategy called use-by-proxy—a practice where a low skilled internet user asks others to perform online activities on their behalf—to deal with internet privacy concerns. To this end, the authors developed an explanatory model with a set of theoretically grounded causal hypotheses and tested it with structural equation modelling on a representative sample (N = 460) of older internet users aged 65+ in Slovenia. The results showed support for the hypothesized model indicating that use-by-proxy is indeed a practice older users employ to mitigate their privacy concerns. The study demonstrates that linking the fields of internet privacy and digital inequality is an important research endeavour to address the challenges of digital inclusion in increasingly digitalised societies.

The study was conducted as part of Jošt Bartol's Young Researcher fellowship, funded by the Slovenian Research Agency of the Republic of Slovenia, and co-funded from the research project J5-2558 (The Implications of Proxy Internet Use for the Internet Skills of Older Adults) and the research program P5-0399 (Internet research).


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