Poster presentations on the Smart Living Forum in Austria

The Smart Living Forum 2019 took place on the 14th of November in Villach, Austria. The results of two intervention studies were presented at the event by members of Center for Social Informatics. Dr Simona Hvalič Touzery presented the results of the study that aimed to identify positive and negative psychological outcomes of telecare use on working family carers of older people. Activity monitoring and app notifications were identified as the features with the most outcomes. The most commonly mentioned positive psychological outcome of telecare for family carers was reassurance, followed by peace of mind and reduced anxiety. The most frequently mentioned negative outcomes were anxiety, distrust and stress. Dr Katja Prevodnik presented the preliminary results of the study that explored how the usability and acceptability – two dimensions of user experience (UX) – of a home telehealth system (THS) shape patients’ perceptions of its impact on their functional independence, well-being and quality of life. The positive psychosocial impacts of the home THS utilisation were higher among the patients who reported higher values of usability, regardless of their self-assessed physical and mental health), control over health and frequency of THS use. Overall, the findings suggest that UX is an important aspect of patients’ engagement with a home THS.

Poster session was organized within the project Coop4Healthcare (work package T2: Pilot projects for integrated healthcare solutions). Proceedings of lectures and posters will be released by the end of the year.

Presented posters:

  • S. Hvalič-Touzery, L. Lebar, A. Petrovčič, K. Smole-Orehek & V. Dolničar: Psychological outcomes of telecare use for working family carers of older people
  • S. Hvalič-Touzery, V. Dolničar, K. Prevodnik, M. Škafar, A. Petrovčič: The importance of patients' user experience with a telehealth system for their evaluation of its psychosocial impacts

Studies were supported by the Slovenian Research Agency under Grant L5-9337 (Understanding and analysis of users’ needs for the development of e-services for integrated social and health care in the aging society), Grant L5-7626 (Smart ICT Solutions for Active and Healthy Ageing: Integrating Informal eCare Services in Slovenia),  Grant J5-1785 (Factors impacting intention to use smart technology enabled care services among family carers of older people in the context of long-distance care) and Grant P5-0399 (Programme Internet research).«


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