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Paper presentation at the Gerontological Society of America's annual meeting

Jerneja Laznik presented a paper written by members of the Centre for Social Informatics in collaboration with Štěpán Žádník (University of Brno, Czech Republic), at the Annual scientific meeting of the Gerontological Society of America (GSA22), held from 2 to 6 November 2022 in Indianapolis, USA.

The paper "The impact of Social inequalities on Digital Engagement of Older Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic" focuses on the determinants of self-reliant and proxy internet use among older adults in Slovenia during the COVID-19 pandemic. Drawing on the resources and appropriation theory, it examines two groups of factors that have been shown in the literature to shape older adults' digital engagement: Individuals' socio-demographic characteristics and their access to social capital. Analysis of survey data collected in 2021 on a representative sample of older adults in Slovenia (65+ years) showed that both groups of factors have a significant impact on self-reliant internet use among older adults, while their impact is different for the availability and activation of use-by-proxy. Availability was mainly influenced by social capital during the covid-19 pandemic, while activation was determined by marital status and the type of settlement in which older internet non-users live.

The study and the participation at the GSA22 scientific meeting were co-funded by the Slovenian Research Agency under grants nos.  J5-2558, V5-2275 and P5-0399.


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