Nov article: »Forms and factors of internet access in Slovenia«

Darja Grošelj, PhD, and Miha Matjašič published an article »Forms and factors of internet access in Slovenia« in Teorija in praksa journal.

With the reference to the theory of digital inequality, the article explores the forms of internet access among Slovenian Internet users and the factors that influence the adoption and frequency of the usage of various forms of internet access.

The results of the study indicate interesting patterns of adoption and usage of various forms of Internet access among Slovenian Internet users, namely:

  • The main forms of internet access are desktop / laptop access and mobile phone access, and most often users access the Internet via mobile phones.
  • Adoption and frequency of use of different forms of access are influenced by age, education, working status, income, and presence of children in the household and digital skills.
  • There are variations in material Internet access among Internet users, which are shaped by sociodemographic factors.
  • Exclusion of an aging population, both in the adoption of mobile access itself and in the frequency of its use.

Back to list of notificationsPublished: 31. July 2019 | Category: Publications