New scientific publication of the CSI members

Members of the Centre for the Social Informatics (CSI), Vesna Dolničar, PhD, Andraž Petrovčič, PhD, Tomaž Burnik and Mojca Šetinc are authors of the new scientific article published in International Journal of Rehabilitation Research. In the article, authors presented the results of the randomized crossover experiment involving 50 older smartphone users, aged 60 years and above which was guided by the principles of summative usability testing. Aim of the study was to assess whether an age-friendly launcher performs better than a standard Android launcher performs and to investigate the relationship between the user interface complexity and usability performance of launchers. The results of usability tests in which each participant solved 10 tasks on both launchers indicate that the two tested launchers had comparable effectiveness (i.e. completeness with which participants achieved the test tasks’ goals), whereas the age-friendly launcher marginally outperformed its standard Android counterpart in terms of efficiency (i.e. the amount of time used by participants to solve the test tasks). The results also suggest that age-friendly smartphone launchers might lead to higher adoption rates of smartphones among older adults.

Back to list of notificationsPublished: 20. August 2018 | Category: Publications