New scientific publication “Meta-Analyses in Survey Methodology: A Systematic Review”

Gregor Čehovin, assoc. prof. Katja Lozar Manfreda (Centre for Social Informatics) and prof. Michael Bosnjak (ZPID - Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information, University of Trier) coauthored a scientific article, which is titled “Meta-Analyses in Survey Methodology: A Systematic Review” (in press) and is currently available in advance access format from Public Opinion Quarterly.

The primary objective of the systematic review was to identify meta-analyses, which were previously conducted in survey methodology and classify them according to the thematic areas that they addressed. The thematic areas were structured under the seven dimensions of the total survey error (TSE). The results showed that past meta-analyses partly cover two of the seven TSE dimensions, namely measurement and nonresponse error, while research questions pertaining to survey methodology under the remaining  TSE dimensions have not yet been investigated by the meta-analyses. In this context, the systematic review discussed gaps in current research and potential opportunities for future meta-analyses in survey methodology.

Back to list of notificationsPublished: 03. January 2019 | Category: Publications