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New Article in One of the Most Reputable Journals in the Field of Evaluation in Higher Education

Vasja Vehovar, PhD, head of the Centre for Social Informatics, and Luka Štrlekar, Master's student of Applied Statistics, published the article When to conduct student evaluation of teaching surveys: before or after the final examination? in the American journal Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, which is one of the most respected journals (in terms of impact factor) in the field of evaluation in higher education.

Student evaluation surveys can be conducted before the exam, after the exam, or both before and after the exam (as is the case at the University of Ljubljana). The experiment showed that student evaluation scores obtained in the post-exam survey are statistically significantly higher than in the pre-exam survey, which is to some extent an effect of perception or experience of the exam process. For questions about the course, the pre-exam survey is therefore preferable to the post-exam survey, especially as the pre-exam survey also provides slightly better quality data. On the other hand, a pre-exam survey cannot adequately evaluate the time spent on the course nor the exam process. From this specific methodological point of view, it is therefore appropriate to conduct the survey twice. Of course, there are also other factors at play in optimising the administrative processes involved, in addition to the specific methodological aspects.


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