Skoči do osrednje vsebine

Members of the Centre for Social Informatics participated in the Slovene Sociological Association Meeting 2022

Prof. Vasja Vehovar, Ph.D.Gregor Čehovin, Ph.D., and Andreja Praček of the Centre for Social Informatics gave presentations in the methodological section of the Slovene Sociological Association Meeting 2022, held at the Faculty of Social Sciences on November 4 and 5.

Gregor Čehovin presented a paper entitled Surveys in Contemporary Social Science Research: Can Nonprobability Online Panels Replace Probability Samples? The contribution was co-authored with prof. Vasja Vehovar. The paper summarizes global evaluations of nonprobability online panels in terms of bias of survey estimates and presents two illustrations of survey estimates based on nonprobability online panels from Slovenia.

Andreja Praček presented a paper co-authored with Prof. Vasja Vehovar entitled Student evaluation of teaching: the interpretation of ordinal measurement scales’ average benchmarks. The paper determines which values on ordinal measurement scales at universities are used as benchmarks in interpreting the average scores of these surveys and compares the values according to the characteristics of the universities. The results show that the universities' benchmarks are more stringent in practice than in the literature.

The Slovene Sociological Association, founded in 1965, is the oldest sociological society in Slovenia and a member of the European Sociological Association. The association constantly responds to current events in society, and also takes care of the publication of original domestic sociological books and is a co-publisher of the scientific journal Social Science Forum (Družboslovne razprave).

Slovene Sociological Association Meeting 2022 Proceedings Brochure >> (In Slovene)

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