i-evAALution consortium meeting in Bolzano

A two-day i-evAALution consortium meeting  (AAL project) took place on March 28 and 29, 2019  in Bolzano, Italy, along the important milestones of the project. The integration and development of the i-evAALution bundle is in its final phase, and a heuristic evaluation of the bundle is planned. The i-evAALution bundle consists of: a mobile service and emergency system, which is wearable as a watch (2PCs), a wide range of house automation products (innogy SmartHome), a tablet-like device which acts as a sensor platform and also allows managing alarms, playing games, callendar reminders  (HomeTab), an online plattform which matches the needs of older people (Helferbörse), and hands-free help (voice recognition - Google mini). At present, intensive recruitment of test users and the finalization of a research design is underway. During the meeting, validated measurement instruments for quality of life, caring situation, anxiety, falls, technology acceptance, usefulness, satisfaction, ease of use, and psychosocial impact of assistive devices were selected. A plan for the implementation of a one-year large scale pilot test was agreed upon. According to plans, piloting will start in the Summer 2019. Randomized control trial will include 400 primary end-users (people aged 65 and over) and 400 secondary end users (informal caregivers) in four test regions. One of the Slovenian partners, Eurotronik, is responsible for the integration and development of i-evAALution bundle and for recruiting in Slovenia, while the implementation of the research, the evaluation and the analysis of the results will be conducted by the Centre for Social Informatics, under the supervision of Dr Vesna Dolničar, Assoc. Prof. The 9-partner meeting was attended by Dr Simona Hvalič Touzery, Assist. Prof. from the Centre for Social Informatics (CSI).


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