Guest lectures of prof. dr. Michael Bosnjak from Gesis

Centre for social informatics (CDI) in cooperation with the Faculty of mathematics and physics hosted prof. dr. Michael Bosnjak between 8 and 9 March, who for the second consecutive year gave lectures on meta-analysis to doctoral students. Prof. Bosnjak is a longtime colleague of CDI and one of the pioneers of web survey methodology. He is leader of the Survey Operations team at GESIS – Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences (Mannheim, Germany) and full professor of survey methodology at the University in Mannheim. More information is available on his personal page (

Meta-analysis is a scientific statistical method for quantitative synthesis of results of primary studies from different fields, such as medical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, educational sciences, psychology, business sciences, etc. It is at the top of the hierarchy of different scales that categorize evidence based research according to its methodological quality. The aim of prof. Bosnjak’s lectures is to provide a concise and comprehensive introduction to the importance and characteristics of meta-analysis, and at the same time take into account its interdisciplinarity. The lectures took place within the subject New developments in statistics of the interdisciplinary doctoral program of Statistics (University of Ljubljana). The slides for the lectures are available on the web page


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