Micro-workshop on ICT & Ageing

On November 22, 2019, as part of the bilateral agreement between the Center for Social Informatics, UL FSS and Florida State University, a micro-workshop on information and communication technologies and ageing was held. As part of the workshop prof. Walter R. Boot, PhD, of Florida State University conducted a guest lecture entitled The Potential of Video Games to Benefit Older Adults.

The guest presented the results of three studies on video games and older adults. The results showed which types of video games are preferred by the older adults, what kind of feeling the video game needs to evoke to get them playing, and what matters most to them in video games. The lecturer also touched on a recent study of virtual reality and how it is perceived by the older adults compared to younger adults.

The guest lecture was followed by short interactive presentations of ongoing projects being implemented at the Centre for Social Informatics on information and communication technologies and ageing. The presentations were given by Lea LebarVesna Dolničar, PhDKatja Prevodnik, PhD and Simona Hvalič Touzery, PhD.

The end of the presentations was followed by a discussion of the projects presented, an exchange of views, and a discussion of further work.


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