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Four national seminars were conducted as part of the project D-CARE

In May, as part of the project D-CARE (Interreg Danube), we organised four national seminars at the Centre for Social Informatics (CSI) FSS UL, to which we invited stakeholders and representatives of the Slovenian project partners. Considering the epidemiological situation, all seminars were conducted through the online platform Zoom. The seminars were organised by the members of CSI Lea Lebar, the project leader, researcher Mojca Šetinc and the external expert Janja Drole.

Three events were held as part of the first work package (WP1) - which aims to design and pilot test innovative learning environments, and one event addressed the activities of the second work package (WP2), in which we will design a Smart Care Lab.

We held a "co-working" seminar, which took place in two parts and is part of the WP1 activities. The first part of the seminar was held on Thursday 13 May and the second part on Friday 21 May. In both parts of the seminar, representatives from CSI FSS UL, Social protection institute of the Republic of Slovenia, the Association of Social Institutions of Slovenia, the Regional Development Agency Green Karst and the municipality of Ilirska Bistrica discussed tools that address learning needs and challenges in the field of e-care and e-health. We also discussed the challenges in this area at a partnership seminar on Tuesday 18 May. At the event, we discussed the factors that hinder the strengthening of knowledge about ICT-enabled services, activities to promote learning, and how to engage end users in the use of e-health and e-care services.

The fourth in a series of seminars, the regional seminar, was also held on 18 May. It was dedicated to the presentation of the quadruple helix that will engage relevant Slovenian stakeholders in the field of e-health and e-care, as well as the Smart Care Lab that will be established under WP2. The partnership and regional seminar were attended by representatives of CSI FSS UL, the Regional Development Agency Green Karst, the municipality of Ilirska Bistrica, special social institution Dom na Krasu, the Ministry of Health, the company Nova Vizija and the Association of Social Institutions of Slovenia.

Participants of all four seminars agreed that networking between stakeholders at local and national level is crucial for successful implementation of e-health and e-care services. End-user needs must be considered at all stages of the design and development of learning models and services. Last but not least, the support of decision-makers is also very important, as this is a prerequisite for the successful introduction of new services.

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