Feasibility study of a potential web survey add-on for Eurofound was conducted

The Centre for Social Informatics conducted a feasibility study of a potential web survey add-on to the European Quality of Life Survey (EQLS). The Centre was selected to perform this task via a public call made by the European Union agency, Eurofound.

Eurofound conducts EQLS as a face-to-face survey every 4 years in over 30 European countries. The survey aims to obtain a comprehensive insight into the quality of life in European countries by collecting data on topics such as employment, income, education, housing, family, health and the work-life balance.

The main purpose of the feasibility study was to outline and evaluate the possibilities of using web survey data collection to enhance the data provided by the existing face-to-face survey. Researchers at the Centre extensively elaborated various web survey design scenarios, reviewed the suitability of existing questions for web-based data collection, and prepared a detailed plan for the initial testing of selected web survey designs in the international context.

Back to list of notificationsPublished: 18. August 2015 | Category: News